Medical Plus Bali takes pleasure in its role of providing medical care for patient who are looking for doctor and physiotherapist that well trained and capable in good english. We offers the service that brings profesional medical care to the comfort and convenience to your home, villa or hotels all around seminyak, kuta, canggu bali.
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Emergency Treatment

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Emergency Service

Medical Plus Bali provide comprehensive care to all events including major sporting and entertainment events. Our emergency service personnel all the way up to Intensive Care Paramedics and Emergency Doctors. If you have an event that needs medical coverage, we can help you!

Our emergency room provide initial treatment for patients who are suffering from acute illness or disease and every hospital has its own emergency room. Medical Plus Bali also has its own emergency room complete with several general doctors. Emergency room will directly do the life saving for those who has acute disease or illness and for those who are not classified into acute disease or illness will be treated according to their needs.

Minor Surgery

We provide minor surgery procedures that using appropriate aseptic technique, including a clean work area, preparation and disinfection. Minor surgery has further benefits for patients in that it is convenient and often has lower waiting times. The procedure that possible to do such as wound hecting, nail extraction, abscess incision and drainage using the best material products.
We also can provide the water-proof bandage, so you still can enjoy your holiday without worries !

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